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BMW Convertible Latch Motor Gear


FAST FREE SHIPPING directly from our store here in the United States. Replace your broken or worn BMW power convertible top latch gear with this high quality replacement. Manufactured exclusively for the BMW Repair Guide. Thirty (30) day return policy if you are not completely satisfied with our product. Fits all BMW 1998-2006 E46 3 series convertibles and all 2004-2010 E64 6 series convertibles.

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If the convertible top on your E46 3 series or E64 6 series is making a “whining” sound and will not unlatch from the windshield, then you probably need to replace your latch motor gear. The original factory gear is made of plastic and is notorious for failing after prolonged use. Our replacement BMW convertible latch motor gear is made of high strength steel instead of plastic and will stand up to the most rigorous use.

Need help replacing your BMW convertible top latch gear? Please see our article for information on how to replace yours.