BMW Z Repair Articles

bmw n55 fuel injector tool

BMW N55 Fuel Injector Replacement – 6 Cyl. Turbo 1,3,5,7,X3,X6,Z4 Series

BMW N55 Fuel Injector Replacement - 6 Hours Please read the following before beginning this repair.  Before starting this advanced repair, please we aware that...
bmw windshield moulding

BMW Windshield Moulding Replacement – All Models

BMW Windshield Moulding Replacement - 30 Minutes The BMW windshield moulding is a very easily replaced part that will return your vehicle to looking factory...
BMW license plate bulb

BMW License Plate Bulb Replacement – 6,Z4 Series – E63,E64,E85,E86

BMW License Plate Bulb Replacement - 15 Minutes A BMW license plate bulb replacement on your 6 series or Z4 model vehicle takes less than...
bmw high pressure fuel pump

BMW High Pressure Fuel Pump Replacement – 1,3,5,7,X3,X6,Z4 Series

BMW High Pressure Fuel Pump Replacement - 6 Hours If your twin turbo N54/N55 engine is hard to start, is experiencing cylinder misfires, idling rough,...
bmw pcv valve repair

BMW PCV Valve Repair – M52/54 Engine -3,5,Z3,Z4,X3,X5

BMW PCV Valve Repair - 4.5 Hours Cracked or damaged pipes comprising the crankcase breather system  are a major cause of vacuum leaks in BMW...
BMW Z4 microswitch

BMW Z4 Convertible Microswitch – Repair and/or Replacement – E85

BMW Z4 convertible microswitch repair and/or replacement time - 1 Hour If the convertible top on your BMW Z4 no longer functions and you are...