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Thank you for visiting the BMW Repair Guide. I started this site in my garage in 2014 after I took my 2010 528i to the local dealership for an oil change and a tune up. I was shocked when the service advisor handed me an estimate for over $1200! To think that I would have to sell my 528i because I could not afford the future general maintenance bills just didn’t sit well with me. In fact, it made me outright furious. I had always enjoyed tinkering with mechanics…I had a nice set of tools in my garage and a fairly good knowledge of how to use them. But this was a BMW! Only high end mechanics trained in Bavaria were allowed to work on these automobiles…at least that’s what I thought. Besides, there were a lot of other questions I needed answered. Where would I buy the right parts for my car? Could I buy them online? What other tools would I need to get started and how much would they cost? Was this going to be a labor intensive proposition that vastly outweighed the money saved?

bmw repair guide about us
My 2010 E60 in 2014. The BMW that helped start this site.

I started studying the overwhelming amount of information on the internet related to servicing and repairing my 528i. I found online searches frustrating, especially when trying to determine which was the correct way to repair or service my car. The internet was unfortunately strewn with unresolved forum questions, shaky YouTube videos, and articles that left out simple but critical information (please don’t assume I know what screw to remove…show me a photo!). Forum members would often argue unrelentlessly back and forth over questions that would never get resolved even after 100 or more posts. And often online sources gave conflicting information on how to make a repair, leaving me and other DIYers further confused and fearful of even attempting the job.

I decided to try and resolve all of this by creating the BMW Repair Guide, my own site with articles that contain only maintenance and repairs that I have actually performed myself. All of my posts are original and have been written after thoroughly researching and completing the repairs myself. I never regurgitate generic articles with stock photos. I document every BMW repair with original photos, videos, and step by step instructions on what to expect when doing the job, so there are no surprises. I start all of my articles by giving you a complete tool and parts list, so you are not caught stranded halfway through the job without the necessary equipment to finish. I also have a difficulty scale that you can use to judge whether you have the time or the experience to undertake the repair job.

I am also an avid HPDE fan, and I enjoy racing my 1996 M3 around our local tracks like Sebring and Palm Beach International Speedway. I have also started adding articles on BMW modifications for maximizing your performance on the track.

Due to the overwhelming support of fellow BMW enthusiasts, I have been given the opportunity to turn the BMW Repair Guide into a full time job. I have moved from my home garage to a large facility in beautiful Vero Beach, Florida; a move which has given me the opportunity to do work on a more diverse amount of years and models. I also have local residents graciously bringing in their BMWs in for free repairs so I can document the work and pass on it to my readers. I have a 9,000 lb car lift, an air-conditioned garage, and lots of new tools. But even with all of this shiny new equipment to help me grow the website, my mission will NEVER change. Every article I write on the BMW Repair Guide can be done by the DIY home mechanic.

I highly encourage BMW DIYers to purchase the applicable Bentley Repair Manual for your model vehicle (if it’s available). It contains lots of valuable information about your BMW, including wiring diagrams, torque values, and a pretty cool history of the evolution of your model car. I also encourage my readers to buy a good quality diagnostic scanner. You can read about the one we use here.

If you ever have a question, comment, or would just like to stop by and have a cup of coffee and talk BMWs, email me at customersupport@bmwrepairguide.com anytime. I would love to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Adam Berlin
Publisher – BMW Repair Guide