BMW F30 Battery Replacement – 2011-2019 3 Series – All Models


BMW F30 Battery Replacement – 30 Minutes

repair models
BMWF30320iN20 2.0L
BMWF30320i xDriveN20 2.0L
BMWF30328dN47 2.0L
BMWF30328d xDriveN47 2.0L
BMWF30328iN20 2.0L
BMWF30328i xDriveN20 2.0L
BMWF30330e iPerformanceB48 2.0L
BMWF30330iB48 2.0L
BMWF30330i xDriveB48 2.0L
BMWF30335iN55 3.0L
BMWF30335i xDriveN55 3.0L
BMWF30340iB58 3.0L
BMWF30340i xDriveB58 3.0L
BMWF30ActiveHybrid 3N55 3.0L

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The BMW Repair Guide used a 2014 BMW 320i similar to this one for the following article. To see other repairs on our site using this model car, please click on the image below!

2014 BMW 320i Sedan

Repair Summary
The following article gives detailed instructions on replacing the battery in a BMW F30 3 series car (produced from 2011-2019). Even though we have used a 2014 BMW 320i to perform this installation, this article can be applied to any F30 3 series vehicle with minor modifications.

Doing a BMW F30 battery replacement in your 2011-2019 3 series car takes less than 30 minutes and can save you a lot of money.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from BMW owners here at the Repair Guide is “How long should I expect my (3 series) car battery to last before it dies?” followed by “Can I replace my own battery without taking it to the Dealership?”.

The second question is easy to answer; yes, you can replace the battery in your 2011-2019 BMW F30 3 series yourself…it does not need to be done by a repair shop. The answer to the first question is unfortunately not as straightforward.

The lifespan of a BMW’s battery is dependent on several factors including environmental conditions, maintenance, driving habits and how many on board electronics and accessories are being operated. On average, a BMW owner should expect to get about 5 years out of their battery.

Contrary to what many BMW owners have been lead to believe, you can replace the battery in your F30 3 series with one from your local auto parts store as long as you match the type (lead acid or AGM) and amperage of the one that is currently in it. Why? Your BMW F30 3 series has an intelligent battery sensor (IBS) attached to its negative terminal which constantly monitors the battery’s condition and sends that information to your vehicle’s engine control module (DME). The engine control module is specifically programmed for the the battery that was shipped with the car; changing the original battery with a different type or amperage will “confuse” the DME and can significantly reduce the replacement battery’s life span.

You must always exactly match the battery¬†type (never substitute a lead acid for an AGM…or vice versa). Unfortunately, it is not always possible to exactly match the amperage (especially when purchasing an aftermarket battery). If you can’t get an exact match on the amperage it’s not a big deal; just be sure to buy one that is as close as possible to the one you are replacing.

Registering the new F30 3 series battery
Whenever you replace the battery in your 2011-2019 BMW 3 series car, you must let the vehicle’s engine control module know. As intelligent as we think our BMWs are these days, they still are not smart enough to know when a new battery has been installed. Notifying the car’s control module that a change has been made is called “registering” the new battery. You must register the new battery you put in to get the maximum life span out of it.

Registering the new battery in your 3 series requires the use of a diagnostic scanner. If you are not a home mechanic or BMW enthusiast, then you probably don’t have a scanner just laying around the garage. We suggest stopping by any local auto repair shop…they will probably be more than happy to do it for free. Here at the BMW Repair Guide we gratuitously do it for anyone who pulls up and asks…it only takes a minute and we are happy to help.

Never attempt to jump start or charge your BMW directly at the battery. Always use the positive terminal and a negative ground in the engine compartment. Attempting to jump start or charge your BMW directly from the battery can cause catastrophic damage to sensitive electronics.
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The only part required for this repair is the replacement battery. We suggest you remove the old battery and take it with you to the auto parts store so they can exactly match it (as well as give you credit for the “core charge”).

10mm socket wrench
13mm socket wrench
Socket extensions

Section 1 – Removing and installing your BMW F30 3 series battery
There are many reasons why you may be performing a BMW F30 battery replacement, but most likely it is because it is dead and you can’t start the car. The battery in the F30 3 series car is located inside the ride side of the trunk. Unfortunately if the battery has completely discharged, you will need to temporarily power up the vehicle to get the trunk open. This can be done by either attaching a battery charging station or jumper cables to the positive terminal and a suitable ground in the engine compartment. Never attach a battery charger or jumper cables directly to the battery…you can destroy sensitive electronics. Always use the terminal in the engine compartment.

  1. If the battery is completely dead, raise the hood and find the positive battery terminal. It is located on the right side of the engine, usually with a red plastic cover on it. Attach the positive lead of a jumper cable or charging station to the terminal. Attach the negative lead to a suitable ground, like one of the front strut mounting nuts (see image below). When the vehicle powers up open the trunk.BMW F30 battery replacement - If the battery is completely dead, jump or connect a charger using the positive terminal and ground in the engine compartment.
  2. The BMW F30 3 series battery is located underneath the storage tray on the ride side of the trunk. To remove the storage tray, simply turn the release and pull the tray out.BMW F30 battery replacement - Battery is located in the trunk under right storage trayTurn the release and remove the storage tray to access the battery underneath. BMW F30 battery replacement - Remove the storage tray from the car. BMW F30 battery replacement - Battery in its comprtment.
  3. Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the two bolts anchoring the battery rollover bracket to the body of the vehicle. Remove the bracket from the car.BMW F30 battery replacement - Remove the battery rollover bracket from battery compartment.Remove the battery rollover bracket
  4. Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the negative battery cable. Be very careful when removing this cable from the battery terminal…it has the intelligent battery sensor (IBS) attached to the end of it. Avoid dropping or knocking the sensor against the side of the car.BMW F30 battery replacement - Remove the negative battery cable.
  5. Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the positive battery cable.BMW F30 battery replacement - Remove the positive battery cable.
  6. Finally, use a 13mm socket wrench and a long extension (8″ or more) to remove the battery support rail. The support rail is located at the rear bottom of the battery and is held in place with a single bolt. It is a little tricky to remove (and even trickier to reinstall), so use patience. Use your hand and/or a flashlight to first locate the bolt, then lower the 13mm socket on it. Remove the rail from the car. BMW F30 battery replacement - Locate the battery support railBMW F30 battery replacement - Use a 13mm socket wrench and extension to remove the support rail bolt. Remove the support rail from the vehicle.
  7. The battery can now be removed from its compartment. Grasp the battery with two hands by its plastic handles and remove from car. Now is a great time to vacuum and clean out the battery compartment if necessary.Now is a great time to vacuum and clean the battery compartment if necessary.
  8. Follow the above steps to reinstall your new battery. Be careful when tightening the terminal bolts…over torquing them can break them off and cause a really big mess. Just make sure they are snug and won’t come loose when the car goes over a bump. Once again, pay extra attention the the IBS on the negative cable…it is very sensitive and can fail if bumped too hard against the side of the vehicle.BMW F30 battery replacement - Install the new battery following the above steps in reverse
  9. If you are a BMW home mechanic or enthusiast and have your own diagnostic scanner, register the new battery to the car. If you do not have a diagnostic scanner, visit any local auto repair shop and they will most likely do it for you for free. For more information on registering your new battery, please read our discussion at the the beginning of this repair article.BMW F30 battery replacement - Register the battery replacement with a diagnostic scanner.


BMW F30 Battery Replacement Finished
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. And congratulations for Doing It Yourself!