BMW E46 Transmission Service – Automatic 1998-2005 3 Series

BMW e46 transmission service

BMW E46 Transmission Service – 3 Hours

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The BMW Repair Guide used this 2003 325ci for the following article. To see other repairs on our site using this actual car, please click on the image below!

A BMW E46 transmission service is inexpensive insurance against early failure of your vehicle’s drivetrain.

So…did you hear that rumor floating around that all 3 series cars built between 1998 and 2006 (E46) have “lifetime” fluid fills in their automatic transmissions and they never need to be serviced?

Hmmmm. Well it’s not a rumor. In fact BMW was kind enough to scare the bejesus out of us by plastering a green WARNING sticker on the bottom of every E46 tranny verifying this. But what exactly is their definition of “lifetime”? Is it the lifetime of the owner (yikes)? The lifetime of the car (not sure what defines that)? Or is it the lifetime of the transmission before it burns up and leaves you stranded from not being serviced?

bmw lifetime transmission oi sticker E46
There is no such thing as a “lifetime” fluid fill in your BMW transmission, and any suggestion that there is should be completely disregarded. 

Ok, we are not here to bash the BMW engineers that came up with this idea…I’m sure their intentions were respectable. But the bottom line is this: like every other mechanical part on your vehicle, the transmission needs to be regularly serviced to keep it operating correctly. Period…end of story.

The BMW Repair Guide recommends at a minimum an E46 transmission service fluid change every 60,000 miles, and a fluid and filter change every 120,000 miles. This recommendation is for “normal” driving conditions. If you track/race your vehicle or are a more aggressive driver, we suggest a BMW E46 transmission service even more frequently.

Table A – E46 Automatic Transmission Guide

Model Year Transmission
323i/Ci/iT 1999-2000 A5S360R (GM) (up to 03/00) A5S325Z (ZF) (from 03/00)
325i (M54 engine) 2001-2005 A5S325Z (ZF) (up to 03/02) A5S390R (GM) (from 03/02)
325i (M56 engine) 2003-2005 A5S325Z (ZF)
325Ci 2001-2005 A5S325Z (ZF) (up to 03/03) A5S390R (GM) (from 03/03)
328i/Ci 1999-2000 A5S360R (GM) (up to 05/00)
330i/Ci/Cic 2001-2005 A5S325Z (ZF) (up to 03/03) A5S390R (GM) (from 03/03)
325xi/xiT 330xi/xiT 2001-2005 A5S390R (GM)
325iT 2001-2005 A5S390R (GM) (up to 03/03) A5S325Z (ZF) (from 03/03)


Parts, Tools and Supplies
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Use Table A above (or a diagnostic scanner) to determine which transmission your vehicle has BEFORE ordering parts below.

Purchase your transmission parts as follows:

Step 1 – purchase your transmission filter and gasket:

Part Quantity BMW Part # Description
Transmission filter/gasket kit 57070 1 24117557070 A5S360R and A5S390R (GM 5 speed transmission)
Transmission filter/gasket kit 58837 1 ES#258837 A5S325Z (ZF 5HP-19 5 speed transmission)

Step 2 – purchase your new transmission drain plug:

Part Quantity BMW Part # Description
Transmission drain plug 33937 1 24117533937 A5S360R and A5S390R (GM 5 speed transmission)
Transmission drain plug 71242 1 24117571242 A5S325Z (ZF 5HP-19 5 speed transmission)
Step 3 – purchase your new transmission fill plug:
Part Quantity BMW Part # Description
Transmission fill plug 07787 1 24117507787 A5S360R and A5S390R (GM 5 speed transmission)
Transmission fill plug 07555 1 24117507555 A5S325Z (ZF 5HP-19 5 speed transmission)


Step 4 – purchase your new oil pan bolts:

Part Quantity BMW Part # Description
Transmission oil pan bolt 33655 20 24117533655 A5S360R and A5S390R (GM 5 speed transmission)
Transmission oil pan bolt 23273 22 24101423273 A5S325Z (ZF 5HP-19 5 speed transmission)
Step 5 – purchase your transmission fluid:
Part Quantity Part # Description
Transmission fluid 30504 6-7 quarts 8352230504 Redline D4 – 7 quarts recommended


Tools and Supplies
Diagnostic scanner
T40 torx bit
T27 torx bit
8mm hex socket
Torque Wrench
Torque wrench- low range
Breaker Bar
Fluid Transfer Pump
Drain pan – 5 gallon
CRC Brākleen
RTV Silicone Gasket Maker
Blaster PB Lubricant
Pig Mats


This is a messy repair! We highly recommend wearing something that you are not afraid to get dirty. This is a messy job, with the chance of oil and/or other automotive fluids getting on both you and the floor beneath your vehicle. Being prepared before starting the repair helps make things go easier!

Section 1 – Draining and removing the transmission oil pan

  1. Jack and support both ends of your vehicle. Please click here to learn how to properly jack and support your vehicle for this repair.
  2. Locate the transmission oil pan. It is located behind the engine underneath the vehicle.BMW e46 transmission service
  3. BMW used three different transmissions in the E46 3 series (see Table A above to identify yours). It is very important to verify your part numbers and the bolt count and pattern on your transmission gasket before beginning this repair. We can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be sent the wrong gasket, only to find out after we have drained and removed the transmission oil pan. Save time and stress and double check before you start the repair.BMW e46 gasket transmission oil pan
  4. Before draining the oil pan, always remove the fill plug first. You do not want to find out after the transmission is serviced that the fill plug is stuck and fluid can’t be added.
  5. Start by locating the transmission fill plug on rear left side of transmission. You will notice that there is very little clearance between the plug and the frame of the vehicle – it is impossible to get a regular length 8mm hex socket and wrench in the fill plug. The solution is to simply cut an inexpensive 3/8″ drive 8mm hex socket down with a Dremel tool as shown below. This will give you a custom low profile 8mm hex socket that will work with both a regular 3/8″ drive socket and torque wrench. ***Do not use a 1/2″ drive hex socket…it will be too large even after modifying it.BMW e46 transmission service - locate the transmission fill plug at upper left side of transmission.Make a custom 8mm hex socket to remove the fill plug.BMW e46 transmission service - 8mm hex socket for removing the fill plug.
  6. Using the modified 8mm hex socket, remove the fill plug from the top of the transmission. You will most likely need a breaker bar to initially loosen the plug.BMW e46 transmission service - Remove the fill plug.BMW e46 transmission service - Remove the fill plug from the transmission.
  7. You can now drain the transmission. Position a 5 gallon drain pan under the transmission drain plug, located at front of transmission oil pan. BMW e46 transmission service
  8. Use a T40 torx bit to remove the transmission drain plug. Let oil thoroughly drain from pan. The transmission drain plug is notorious for stripping when attempting to remove. Some model transmissions (most notably the A5S325Z) have a high torque value on their drain plugs, making them nearly impossible to remove without stripping the torx head. If your transmission drain plug strips while trying to remove, go to the next step 9. If not, proceed to step 10.BMW e46 transmission service
  9. If you strip the torx drain plug while trying to remove, you will have to drill and extract it out. Don’t feel bad, we stripped ours too while making this article. Use a 5/16” titanium drill bit to drill through the center of the plug into the pan. Make sure to have your drain pan ready…as soon as you drill through the plug the pan will start draining.BMW e46 transmission serviceBMW e46 transmission service
  10. Spray the transmission oil pan bolts down with PB Blaster and allow to soak for about 10 minutes.
  11. Use a T27 torx bit to remove the oil pan bolts. The oil pan bolt heads have a tendency to strip on the BMW E46 transmission. If you strip one, don’t get frustrated…just move on. The stripped bolt heads can be very easily snapped off with a drill. If you strip a torx bolt during removal, proceed to step 12 for instructions on removing it. If you were able to get all of the oil pan bolt out successfully, proceed to step 13.
    BMW e46 transmission service - remove the oil pan mounting bolts
  12. If you strip an oil pan mounting bolt (which is a normal occurrence), use a ¼” drill bit to quickly remove its head. Simply start drilling into the center of the bolt as shown below and the head will quickly twist off. You can easily extract the rest of the bolt with your fingers after the pan is removed.BMW e46 transmission service - Use a 1/4" drill bit to snap the head off of the stripped mounting boltMounting bolt head.
  13. Remove the oil pan from the bottom of the transmission. Remove the old gasket.BMW e46 transmission service
  14. Use a T40 torx bit to remove the two bolts (front and back) anchoring the transmission oil filter. Remove the filter from the transmission.BMW e46 transmission serviceBMW e46 transmission service


Section 2 – Reinstalling the oil pan and gasket

  1. Thoroughly clean the oil pan inside and out. Using CRC Brākleen, liberally soak the inside and outside of the pan and scrub with a rag. Remove the magnets and clean them thoroughly as well. The pan should look “new” inside when you are finished. The goal is to remove every bit of metal shavings and residue left inside the pan so it does not recirculate with the fresh fluid we will be adding.BMW e46 transmission serviceBMW e46 transmission serviceBMW e46 transmission service
  2. If you had to drill out the torx drain plug in section 1, you will now need to extract the old one out of the pan (if you didn’t proceed to next step). Soak the plug inside and out with PB Blaster and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Next, hammer a bolt extractor into the hole that was drilled into the plug and turn with an open ended wrench to extract. BMW e46 transmission serviceBMW e46 transmission service
  3. Install the new transmission oil filter following the reverse steps above. Make sure your filter has a rubber gasket ring on it as shown below. Torque the two filter mounting bolts to 9 Nm (6.5 ft-lb).BMW e46 transmission service
  4. Using a high quality RTV silicone gasket sealant, squeeze out six small spots around the perimeter of the oil pan as shown below. These are to help hold the new gasket in place during installation. Lay the new gasket on top of the spots of sealant and let dry for about 10-15 minutes. Put the magnets back in the pan.BMW e46 transmission serviceBMW e46 transmission serviceBMW e46 transmission service
  5. Reinstall the oil pan on the bottom of the transmission using new oil pan bolts. Don’t forget to put the magnets back in the pan. Torque the pan bolts in sequential order (you do not need to use a cross pattern). Use one of the following tightening torques on the pan bolts, depending on your transmission model number (check your model number in table A at beginning of this article):
    A5S360R / A5S390R (GM Transmission) – 10Nm (7 ft-lb)
    A5S325Z (ZF Transmission) – 6 Nm (4 ft-lb)
  6. Install a new drain plug in the pan and torque to one of the following values:
    A5S360R / A5S390R (GM Transmission) – 20Nm (15 ft-lb)

    A5S325Z (ZF Transmission) – 35 Nm (26 ft-lb)


Section 3 – Refilling the transmission with fluid
Refilling the BMW E46 five speed transmission is a two step process. First the transmission oil pan must be initially filled. After the initial fill, the transmission must be warmed up to its final fill temperature (100F) before topping off with fluid. Per the manufacturer specifications, the vehicle must be running and the transmission in park while topping off the transmission – topping of the transmission with the engine off could cause an under filled transmission.

  1. Fill your fluid transfer pump with 6 quarts of approved transmission fluid. Pump the oil pan completely full of transmission fluid until it begins to pour back out through the fill hole.BMW e46 transmission serviceBMW e46 transmission service
  2. Install the new fill plug hand tight. DO NOT torque it yet. You will need to remove it to top off the fluid after bringing it to the final fill temperature (100F).
  3. Start the car to warm up the transmission. Using a BMW diagnostic scanner, hook up to the OBDII port and get to the correct screen that displays the gear box temperature. BMW e46 transmission service - get to gearbox temperature screen on a BMW diagnostic scanner.
  4. With your foot on the brake, slowly shift through the gears, pausing 3 seconds between gear changes. Repeat this process about six times. This will circulate the transmission fluid through the valve body and other transmission components.  bmw e46 gear selector
  5. When the transmission reaches 100F, leave the vehicle running and in park and proceed directly back to the transmission fill hole.BMW e46 transmission service - Perfect 100 degree oil temperature in the gearbox
  6. Remove the fill plug and finish pumping fluid into the transmission until it starts to flow out of the hole. Your transmission is now properly filled.
  7. Replace the new fill plug and torque to one of the following values:
  8.          A5S360R / A5S390R – 20Nm (15 ft-lb)
             A5S325Z – 30 Nm (22 ft-lb)
  9. With the engine still running, check for any visual leaks around the gasket.
  10. You can now turn the engine off.


BMW E46 Transmission Service Finished
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. And congratulations for Doing It Yourself!


The Repair Difficulty Level displays graphically how challenging the repair is, from easy to advanced. Easy repairs usually require very few tools, have short repair times and do not require jacking and supporting the vehicle. As the difficulty level rises, expect the repair to demand more time, specialized tools, and better understanding of mechanics to complete the job.

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