BMW Battery Registration – Diagnostic Scan Tool/Battery Replacement

BMW Battery Registration – 10 Minutes
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The following article gives detailed instructions on registering the battery after it has been replaced in a BMW vehicle. Even though we have used a 2011 335i sedan to perform this repair, this article can be applied to any BMW vehicle with an intelligent battery sensor (IBS) with minor modifications.

Depending on the model of your BMW, a diagnostic scan tool may be required to register a new battery after it is installed.

There is a lot of confusion among BMW owners as to what a BMW battery registration is and whether they need to perform one after replacing the battery in their vehicle. Often you will hear the terms “battery coding” or “battery programming” used synonymous with battery registration…but this is misleading. It is actually the BMWs engine control module (not the battery itself) that is being programmed to let the vehicle know a new source of power has been installed. A BMW battery registration only needs to be performed on vehicles with a power management system, which includes an intelligent battery sensor (IBS) attached to the negative terminal cable of their vehicle (see image below).

Why do we have to register a new battery?
As “intelligent” as we often think our BMW control modules are, they are still not smart enough to detect when a new battery has been installed. The introduction of advanced electronics in BMWs strains the battery, especially when the vehicle is not running. To prevent the battery from being completely discharged and leaving the driver stranded, BMW added an intelligent battery sensor to monitor the electrical system and ensure the battery maintains a sufficient charge to start the vehicle.

The IBS (located on the negative terminal cable of the battery) contains a small microprocessor that continually monitors and makes calculations determining the state of charge and the state of health of your battery. This data is sent to the DME (BMW’s term for the engine control module) which evaluates the condition of your battery and makes adjustments to power consumption as necessary to prolong its life. In order to make the correct calculations, the DME must also know the age of the battery – or in other words, when the battery was installed. That is why when you install a new battery in a BMW with a power management system, you must let the DME know. Not registering a new battery in a BMW with a power management system may shorten its life span and could potentially cause malfunctions in some of the onboard electronics.

Do I need to register the battery in my year and model BMW? 
The easiest way to determine if your BMW needs to have its battery registered after replacement is to look at the negative terminal cable on your battery. If the negative cable has an intelligent battery sensor on it, then you must register a replacement battery with the engine control module.Intelligent battery sensor

How do I perform a BMW battery registration in my vehicle?
A battery registration must be performed with a BMW OBD2 scan tool (also known as a BMW diagnostic scanner or code reader). The BMW scan tool is simply plugged into the OBD2 port underneath the dashboard of your vehicle which connects electronically to the engine control module (DME). From there it is just a matter of navigating to the correct screen and pushing a button to send the DME a signal that a new battery has been installed. For detailed instructions on how to perform a BMW battery registration, please see our step by step instructions below.

If you do not have a BMW scan tool and are a home mechanic or enthusiast, we strongly suggest purchasing one. A BMW diagnostic scanner is as important to your tool box as a set of socket wrenches, and will pay for itself after your first repair. You can purchase the same one we used for this article in the parts list below, or by clicking here.

If you are a BMW owner that is just replacing a dead battery with no need for a diagnostic scanner, we suggest going by your local auto parts store or independent repair shop and asking them to do it for you. It takes less than a minute to perform and they will (most likely) do it free of charge.

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1. BMW diagnostic scan tool (required) – As discussed above, you will need a BMW specific scan tool to register your replacement battery. There are a lot of options on the market when it comes to diagnostic scanners, and choosing one can often be frustrating. You can never go wrong with the Schwaben Elite…it is reasonably priced and can do dealership level diagnosis for both BMW and MINI. 

There are no tools required for this repair.

Section 1 – Performing a BMW battery registration on the Schwaben (Foxwell) diagnostic scanner

For this tutorial we use a Schwaben (Foxwell) diagnostic scanner to register the battery in a 2011 BMW 335i. Other brand scanners may differ in their steps to get to the battery registration screen. Please note that no matter which brand of scanner or diagnostic software you are using, the engine must be off in order to successfully register the battery.

  1. Locate the OBD2 port in your vehicle. In most BMWs, the port is located either inside the driver’s side footwell or under the battery registration - Typical OBD2 port locations are in the driver's footwell or under the dashboard bmw battery registration - Remove the cover off of the OBD2 port if applicable
  2. Plug the diagnostic scanner into the port and turn the ignition battery registration - Plug the diagnostic scanner into the OBD2 port Plug in the scanner into the OBD2 port
  3. Start the scanner and automatically identify the battery registration - Start a new BMW sessionbmw battery registration - Use automatic VIN detection modeVIN decoder screen
  4. Choose Service>Body>Power supply (Battery)>Register battery change to get to the battery registration battery registration - Choose service optionbmw battery registration - Choose body optionbmw battery registration - Choose power supply (battery) optionChoose the battery optionbmw battery registration - Choose register battery change option
  5. Choose [2]Register battery replacement>1. Enter battery replacement: same capacity>Nobmw battery registration - choose register battery replacement optionbmw battery registration - Choose option 1 (battery is same capacity as the one removed).Choose no (battery is not an original BMW component)
  6. You will receive a message at the end of the registration that it was battery registration - Registration successful


BMW Battery Registration Finished
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. And congratulations for Doing It Yourself!