BMW Trunk Emblem Replacement – Model Number (Nameplate) Replacement

bmw trunk emblem

BMW Trunk Emblem Replacement – 1 Hour

bmw trunk emblem replacement

The BMW Repair Guide used this 2005 645ci for the following article. To see other repairs on our site using this actual car, please click on the image below!

Replacing your BMW trunk emblem may be necessary if you have old or missing numbers and letters, or if you are looking to upgrade your vehicle’s look. let’s face the three thousand pound gorilla sitting in the room. What do we call the model numbers (and letters) on the trunk lid of our Bimmers? Are they the trunk emblem? That gets confusing – the BMW logo (the roundel) that is mounted in the center of every BMW car and SUV trunk lid is also often referred to as the trunk emblem. BMW calls the model letters and numbers on the trunk lid the “trunk nameplate”, which I actually really like but people seldom use. How about the trunk model number? That just doesn’t sound right for some reason.

bmw trunk emblem

Whatever you call it (the BMW Repair Guide calls it the trunk emblem and the trunk roundel), it is the identity bastion of the vehicle. The trunk emblem is the first place another driver looks to decipher the model number of the BMW that just blew its doors off on the interstate (“wholly crap…was that an M3?). let’s face the three thousand pound gorilla sitting in the room. What do we call the model numbers (and letters) on the trunk lid of our Bimmers?

As BMW trunk emblems become old, they can get encrusted with dirt and wax, or can start to lose their finish. These days it has become extremely popular to swap out the stock chrome emblem and replace with black numbers and letters. In our repair below we actually go the opposite direction…we decided to remove the custom black trunk emblem and replace with a stock chrome version.

Whatever your BMW trunk emblem replacement is for, follow our steps below to ensure a good bond between your new numbers and letters and the existing paint.

Parts, Tools and Supplies

BMW trunk emblem (model specific)

Tools and Supplies
50lb braided fishing line
3M yellow tape (automotive refinishing tape)
Permanent magic marker or Sharpie
Clean rags
Optional – Scratch remover or polishing compound

  1. Mark off the existing trunk emblem on your BMW using tape (we prefer 3M automotive refinishing “yellow” tape) as shown below. Use a permanent marker or Sharpie to mark the exact spacing of each number or letter on the tape. We do this because many aftermarket (non BMW) part suppliers will send you the individual numbers and trunk emblem
  2. Use a piece of braided fishing line to “saw off” the existing emblem numbers and letters. Use pressure on the fishing line to try and remove as much glue as possible with the trunk emblembmw trunk emblembmw trunk emblem
  3. Use acetone and a clean rag to remove the old adhesive still stuck to the trunk lid. All of the adhesive must be removed to get a good bond between the new BMW trunk emblem and the paint. Soak the remaining adhesive with acetone and scrape with a plastic trim tool or plastic putty knife. I prefer the plastic trim tool because it is stiff and won’t bend under pressure. bmw trunk emblembmw trunk emblembmw trunk emblem
  4. Optional Step – Using a little scratch remover or polishing compound, remove any scratches in the paint caused by removing the old adhesive. Use some acetone on a rag to wipe trunk emblembmw trunk emblembmw trunk emblem
  5. Apply the new BMW trunk emblem numbers and letters by removing the adhesive backing and pressing into place with your fingertips. Make sure the numbers and letters line up on your tape edges and spacing trunk emblembmw trunk emblem
  6. Remove all of the tape and wipe clean.


Installation finished
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. And congratulations for Doing It Yourself!


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