BMW M60 Idle Control Valve Cleaning/Replacement – 5,7,8 Series – 4.0L V8


BMW M60 Idle Control Valve – 2 Hours

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MakeBody & TrimEngine & Transmission
1995 BMW 530iBase3.0L V8 – Gas
1994 BMW 530iBase3.0L V8 – Gas
1995 BMW 540iBase4.0L V8 – Gas
1994 BMW 540iBase4.0L V8 – Gas
1995 BMW 740iBase4.0L V8 – Gas
1994 BMW 740iBase4.0L V8 – Gas
1993 BMW 740iBase4.0L V8 – Gas
1995 BMW 740iLBase4.0L V8 – Gas
1994 BMW 740iLBase4.0L V8 – Gas
1993 BMW 740iLBase4.0L V8 – Gas
1996 BMW 840CiBase4.4L V8 – Gas
1995 BMW 840CiBase4.0L V8 – Gas
1994 BMW 840CiBase4.0L V8 – Gas

A dirty or malfunctioning BMW M60 idle control valve will cause a rough idling engine, especially when the motor is cold. The good news is an idle control valve can be easily cleaned avoiding the need for an expensive replacement.

The BMW M60 8 cylinder engine has received a lot of bad press over the years. It has been continually lambasted over problems with its Nikasil lined engine block. The Nikasil engine block has been blamed for most of the rough idle issues with the M60 engine.

Cleaning the idle control valve should be part of your regular maintenance routine if you own a BMW with a M60 V8 engine.

There are other parts that can cause a rough idle in the M60 engine other than Nikasil lined cylinders. One of them is a malfunctioning BMW M60 idle control valve.

The M60 idle control valve is a motorized part controlled by the vehicle’s DME (the engine’s electronic control module). As the DME monitors the vehicles engine idle speed, it makes any needed adjustments through the idle control valve, which is attached to the intake manifold. A dirty valve will lead to it malfunctioning, causing a poor or rough idle and even engine stalling. Cleaning the idle control valve should be part of your regular maintenance routine if you own a BMW with a M60 V8 engine.

Parts, Tools and Supplies

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None needed unless you are replacing a defective idle control valve. If your valve is defective and can’t be cleaned as outlined below, replace with the following part:

PartQuantityBMW Part #Description
Idle control valve 33090113411733090M60 8 cylinder engine


Tools and Supplies
CRC Clean-R-Carb Carburetor Cleaner
10mm nut driver
Screwdriver – flat blade
Compressed air

  1. Use a socket wrench to disconnect the negative terminal from the battery before starting this repair. Always cover the terminal with a clean rag to avoid accidental contact during the repair. If working on a vehicle with 2 batteries (8 series), disconnect the negative terminal from both batteries. ALWAYS disconnect the battery(s) before performing any type of mechanical repair, especially in the engine compartment.
  2. Remove the four 10mm nuts anchoring the top engine cover. Remove cover from engine m60 engine tune-up
  3. Identify the idle control valve on the front of the engine.m60 idle air valve
  4. Remove the electrical connection from the back of the valve by squeezing the retaining clip and pulling the plug off.m60 idle air valve
  5. Use a flat blade screwdriver to loosen the hose clamp connecting the vacuum hose to idle control valve. Use a flat blade screwdriver to pry the hose off of the valve, being extremely careful NOT to puncture the hose. If you puncture the hose, it will have to be replaced.m60 idle air valvem60 idle air valve
  6. Remove the rubber mount from the valve.m60 idle air valve
  7. Grasp the idle control valve and pull out of the intake manifold.m60 idle air valve
  8. Remove the rubber grommet (use a flat blade screwdriver if necessary). To avoid any vacuum leaks, always replace the rubber grommet with a new one (BMW Part # 13411733217) when cleaning or replacing the valve.m60 idle air valve


Cleaning the idle control valve

  1. Shake the valve softly in your hands. You should hear the internal mechanism opening and closing as you shake it. If you don’t, then the valve is stuck from carbon deposits.m60 idle air valve
  2. Take a can of high quality carburetor cleaner (we use CRC Clean-R-Carb) and thoroughly blast all of the carbon and gunk out of the valve. Repeat continuously letting it soak in between blasts. Use the whole can cleaning out the valve. When you softly shake the valve now you should hear the internal mechanism opening and closing.m60 idle air valve
  3. Use compressed air to thoroughly blow out all of the carburetor cleaner until inside of M60 idle control valve is dry.m60 idle air valve
  4. Your valve is now clean and can be reinstalled into the vehicle. Do not forget to use a new rubber grommet during installation of your cleaned M60 idle control valve.
  5. If you were unable to successfully clean your idle control valve, or if your valve is damaged, install a new one along with a new rubber grommet. See the “Parts” section above for the link to the correct replacement valve for the M60 engine.


BMW M60 Idle Control Valve Cleaning Finished
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